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    February 23, 2012

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    This article is about the many forms that have a free tarot TarotAmigo.com presented. There are nine different ways to consult with the mysteries about our future, both near and far, and each is based on several distinct issues. Choose the most suitable shot for the time you are going through. Free tarot service has multiple presentations, or spins, ie how to present the cards for reading. The convenience of using each of them is related to the characteristics of each form of the letters available, as the number of letters and their place in the table have different meanings. On our site there are various ways: The circulation of the Pyramid. It is a variant of free tarot. It is inspired by the sciences of mathematics of Pythagoras.

    Pythagoras was a Greek scholar, a mathematician who lived between 582 and 507 BC. Pythagoras was not just of mathematics but had very interesting ideas about the soul and immortality. He firmly believed in reincarnation, and the transmutation of souls. It was one of the first scholars to speak of the kinship of all living things, which many centuries after Darwin to postulate influence his famous theory of evolution. The mathematics of Pythagoras served to interpret all the facts of life, because, like many other Greek scholars, sought to explain the richness and complexity of life through the purity of the numbers. The circulation of the Celtic Cross. Another way to consult the tarot free. Responds to one central question.

    The Celts and Gauls are a people of antiquity, whose origin can be located around the V century BC. His cult was led by the wisdom of the Druids, who worshiped nature, forests and water. Take off to consult with this variant of free tarot. The Astrological Edition, a proposal for free tarot, close the deep ties between astrology and fortune-telling. Indulge your mood and deal calmly to this free tarot roll. The Sentimental Cross Chuck Chuck tarot is ideal for situations free of the heart. If there are questions about your loved one, or you have someone new on the horizon, this is the way to predict how events will unfold. The Planetary Spin Free Tarot provides a broader view of life of the client. Ideal to raise deeper questions or transcendent, with the Circulation of the Past Life is a free tarot proposals covering the topics of the human spirit more fully. The Birthday Edition, along with the Cast of the Star, are two proposed spin-off or free tarot. Respond to very concrete issues, and respond with certainty to a specific question raised by the consultant. Finally, the Cast of Dreams bind our dreams with concrete facts of everyday life. Free Spin is a ideal for those days when we remember what we dreamed, but we can not attribute significance accurate.

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