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    August 25, 2021

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    This may be a birthday, New Year, anniversaries, holidays. At such times, the candidates are more receptive to new suggestions and positive respond to phone calls recruiters. Of course, to know such things, you need to constantly gather information about potential candidates (and their families). Play in their field. Implement informants, visited when possible events and seminars conducted by competitors; records of all present, meet with them, write down who is active and how clever … "Buy yourself a new job." This technique consists in the fact that FirstMeritBank, for example, requires that all prepare the final candidates and provide them with a new employer on behalf of the three phone and the best people from among their former colleagues. This is the price for getting the most attractive compensation package. Information about co-workers should be given before obtaining a candidate Job offer.

    So, given to understand that this company recruiting professionals involved in all the 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The recruitment of entire divisions or commands. "With poaching" works on the principle of "give them all" with respect to the best staff offices and branches of banks and competitors. It is believed that in the case, when you kill 2 birds with one stone at a time: get ready professionals and depleting the opponent, do not skimp. With the help of "cold calls", and referees in advance of building relationships FirstMerit Bank managed to lure a bank branch staff competitors in a few weeks. Staffing raiding is especially effective in times of crisis, recession or changes in a competitor.

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