• Final Assembly

    September 26, 2016

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    The system fascinated with a completely new resolution, which is the traditional full HD many times over and in all dimensions. The space, the image offers the Viewer is spectacular. The SLS is a central component of the monument product line from the House of charisma technologies. This product line combines unparalleled peak performance and maximum comfort by means of intuitive control structure for lifestyle products of class. Charisma SLS that is perfect audiovisual luxury and TV experience at a level never considers possible”, once again Ralf Lohmann. As its name counterpart, the SLS boosted all the senses.

    It transforms any presentation truly sustainable and family television nightly to a lively adventure out of pure enthusiasm. Everything works very simply. Plug in, turn on and It is the viewer with charisma MDS plus in the middle of the action. “Whether it’s action-thriller or gripping reportage, whether football crime or rousing drama when the SLS is in any case: charisma: all movies – glasses – no life in it!'” Like to make a press photo available. Investors can obtain more information at the CHARISMA service hotline: (0441) 36 11 65 80 as well as under.

    Editorial Note: the charisma technologies GmbH, headquartered in Oldenburg manufactures high-quality TV flat screens, which provide a new form of three-dimensionality and thus represent a qualitative leap in the development of television culture. They are marketed under the brand of CHARISMA from the manufacturer. Company charisma technologies aims to help viewers through a fundamentally novel image playback, which allows him to become the part of the TV a TV experience with highest level of Le Baiden and authenticity. Charisma technologies is one of the companies in addition to the two Managing Directors Ralf Lohmann and Eleonore Jantzen an employee and developer staff of currently 34 professionals. In the manufacture of its products, the company with four partner companies at plants in Emden, Osnabruck, Hamburg and Oldenburg, which produce the various components of CHARISMA according to the requirements of charisma technologies cooperates. Final Assembly of the CHARISMA takes place at the site of Oldenburg. More information under: press contact: Martin Schaarschmidt, Tel: (030) 65 01 77 60 o. (0177) 625 88 86, eMail:,

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