• FIFA Acknowledges Problems

    September 13, 2013

    Posted in: General

    FIFA recognizes that there might be something wrong with the Jabulani World Cup ball, but will not act on any problem until after the tournament. Many Jabulani ball players have likened the Jabulani to a ball of supermarket, saying that it is too unpredictable and flies through the air too easily. We are not deaf, said Jerome Valcke FIFA Secretary general this Saturday. FIFA is not little receptive about what has been said about the ball. Valcke said that FIFA will discuss the matter with coaches and teams after the World Cup, and then meet with manufacturer Adidas. There are rules for the size and weight.

    But the ball has to be perfect. Goalkeepers have complained about the ball in the recent World Cup, and even coaches have added their laments. The Brazilian coach Dunga got into a verbal dispute with Valcke Jabulani before the tournament, challenging the FIFA Executive to go out there and try to control it. The Jabulani could create even more problems in the too colorful, and is for that reason that this year’s is more white.

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