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    June 20, 2021

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    Exactly this means Pachakutec: existential transformation. And it happened! In no man’s land between heaven and Earth on a forgotten stone floor of rain combined with the tears of the Inca Empire in a rainbow of new time. Pachakutec is now. AN ECHO in our hearts this pilgrimage to the healing of the heart of the Earth”should contact us. Us people here in the West, in the first world. Because Gaia is the home of all of us. Leave our island no one can”. Physically.

    Living in the conventional sense. We all together are the humane heart of our mother. Although even our own heart is injured and gets after healing. The way to the individual and collective healing means reconciliation. I mean a radical reconciliation that embraces all levels and includes. The sky, the stars, the Earth, animals, plants and: us. The children of men that we will grow and new tasks we get beyond puberty. We are urged to grow beyond us in these delicate times.

    The personal in a larger we find. Because the time has come where it is the need of the hour, sync to connect our abilities; along with others in a common now. A European response is overdue we can not pretend we don’t know. As we have not heard. When we can do nothing! Awareness nowhere else is reflected in our actions. According to luscha baumwald, who has experience with these questions. To initiate therefore Jwala and I decided the night after this movie, an event of the new art”. We chose a place the Prater in Vienna and the FeenZelt. What place could be more suitable for the departure of the caravan of joy?” And we have booked the first day fix: Saturday, 8th October 2011. afternoon and evening. Open end. And I ask you, and you, whether you want to be there if we synchronize our skills over hours to cheer our hearts? Karl of g

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