• Federal Constitution

    June 2, 2018

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    One is about something that implies the citizen. This can be seen in one of the substantives derived from this verb. One is about gestatio, that is, gestation, this it is, the act for which if it inside brings in itself and of new itself something, different: a new being. However, the term management has its etimolgica root in ger that it means to make to sprout, to germinate, to make to be born. From the same root the terms come genitora, genitor, germ. 3 Currently our picture is composed of 860 registered pupils, as much in the Infantile Education and Basic Education, forty administrative professors and twenty and three employees. 4 We must stand out that exactly with all the historical fight, still we have many members of the education that continue with these characteristics and they do not desire to move.

    5 was promulgated in day 5 of October de1988 the new Federal Constitution, with a boarding how much in such a way democratic in relation too much constitutions. This democracy is evidenced, therefore it had the contribution and participation of the people, by means of below-signed, led for the unions of classroom, religious entities and too much segments of the society. 6 to understand the management democratic, we have that to have in mind what is the democracy, as affirms the Chau teacher: ‘ ‘ democracy is the equality, popular sovereignty, fulfilling of the requirements constitutional, recognition of the majority and the rights of the minority and the full exercise of liberdade’ ‘.

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