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    August 3, 2013

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    The evaluation system ends up become organizations where enhance described negative aspects, in a dysfunctional practice that collides with the objective primary improve the overall performance of the organizations, to crystallize in one of the main mechanisms that evaluators in accordance with their own game variables. IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO MINIMIZE THE NEGATIVE EVALUATIONS OF IMPACT? Then, exploration and reflection so far made, about the benefits and problems associated with the prevailing modern pos organizations performance evaluation system, seeks to the overall development of a listing – certainly not exhaustive – with proposals that can cushion the undesirable effects of its implementation. For practical purposes, the suggestions on effective evaluation programmes for the most renowned literature are not listed. With intention to provide less discussed ideas, other edges and perspectives, are tested without being this decision a sample of non-recognition towards the usefulness and quality of the proposals already established in the literature more illustrious. Recognize the three dimensions of any assessment: diagnosis, training and synthesis one of the cornerstones of any assessment is its diagnostic character. I.e.

    that it pursues expose the existence or not of a performance desired for each position and the presence or not of a potential development of the individual, for sizing the platform on which are to be build skills, career and plans, ultimately, that the organization can thus have the resources necessary to achieve the objectives sought. The second central aspect of any assessment is formative character. This aspect associated with the detection of the evolution of performance but also to ensure correct offsets, building a gradual and constant interaction between the supervisor and his subordinate, in a sort of coaching, guiding and accompanied the construction of a better exercise of the functions inherent in the post. The last expected feature of an assessment is that he synthesized, it pursues the inverse and integration of the entire journey journey through official, from its initial state diagnosis, their learning and improvement to the valuation and total estimate of their current performance.

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