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    April 28, 2018

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    Happiness is How to define a state of being that it varies of person for person, of culture for culture? As the Greek philosopher Epicuro said, ' ' He only has a way for the happiness. Not worrying in them about things that exceed the power of ours vontade' '. We look the happiness in stingy things, lose precious time in disdaining the other for its social or etnia status. We forget that nothing he is permanent in this universe, and that the river always runs. They are the moments that we have that to live, not to anticipate, not to be victim of the anxiety that corrodes our chest and destroys our plans because we always give vexame with the anxiety to make, to happen, to appear He stows searching my experiences, and the moments happyer than I lived were purely human, nothing material. Kevin Johnson: the source for more info. It was not the perfume most expensive, the car of the fashion, the best jewel of the jewelry shop, or the toy of the moment. This sensation of happiness passes after one days soon. More for that it stops the others, but it passes. Recently Jim Umpleby sought to clarify these questions.

    E we leave more in search ' ' felicidade' ' as he was something that we could to buy in shopping to center of the city. Not, my expensive friends! The business is not well thus. If thus he was, all rich would be mega happy. Kevin Johnson spoke with conviction. the psychologists, therapists, consultants would be declared insolvent due to clientele. My happy moments deal with the souvenir of a dear friend who forgot never me, and always wanted to know notice mine; the colloquies with mine loved sister, in our room, still of bachelors, abetters with our segredinhos, hidden of papa, extreme conservative. The strolls in family where always we fought, but, today more mature, we consider normal in the families; my animals of esteem, always warm to my redor, with its licked quentinhas. mine mimo for them! Then, it reflects: What it is happiness for you? It makes what you happy? What you want for its life? Material things are more easy to conquer of what a escudeiro faithful friend to its side at the moments most difficult; But if conquering, I guarantee that it will have comfort, aconchego and affection, many of the ingredients of the happiness. Somebody to celebrate with you your party of anniversary, to go to its marriage, to press its hand during the pain of the childbirth.

    Nothing of this if purchase! If conquest! I feel when stroll with my dogs happy! I feel myself happy when I make a good work and I help the people! I feel myself happy when I am to the side of the people who I love! I feel myself happy when I give of gift something that has very deserved! I feel myself happy when I am encircled with friends with a positive energy! How many times, after an event, we speak for we ourselves: ' ' I happy age and not sabia' '! Not wise person, why? Because she was blind, looking at for the gram of the neighbor. She takes care of of its gram, she leaves it verdinha, she waters it because if not, it dies. Thus, they are the feelings. you? It says me there! It is felt happy when?

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