• Educador Construction

    January 6, 2014

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    The individual and collective activities must walk in agreement and not isolated, therefore in this last condition, risk runs not to reach the waited result. To the director the mission is given to it to co-ordinate the construction of the north of the school, in global way, acting and promoting circumstances basic so that the norms if accomplish and if they become Reals. Still in the moving one of the collective participation in the construction of the planning, also the management to follow the same way. In relation the evaluation, this if processes in spontaneous way so that the professor is capable to notice the capacity of the pupils how much the assimilation of the contents, for the pupils, as well as the effectiveness of its methodology applied in the daily one. Of this form, losing the classificatrio character in: approved and disapproved. We know that exactly with this new vision of evaluation, some professors insist on the old process, however he is considerable to understand that to evaluate is a constant and daily pedagogical process that it searchs to solve errors for the construction of new knowledge. FINAL CONSIDERAES: In this manner the planning is verified, of a side, as act of decision of what will be constructed, of the other, the evaluation as the critical one that it assists in the comment of as the project will be constructed. Therefore, the evaluation crosses planning and executing, contributing throughout the passage of the linear action, in all the directions.

    The evaluation as passage analysis, is basic for the method of construction of the product of the significao, redimensionando the destination of the action. To evaluate is to take care of e, is beyond classifying and to give note to the pupil, therefore from it, the future of the society and the citizens is traced, oportunizando respect, equality of rights and duties, among others aspects.

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