• Economic Investments

    April 27, 2014

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    Before moving on to develop this report I wanted to clarify a concept that leads to the error many people. If at some point they have reached you promise, insure or insist phrases equal or similar to these creates your own totally free business zero investment, big profits make money extra without paying anything, I can assure you, you will be lying. There is no free business, they may do more or less investment but everything requires an amount to start, and if it is not, mistrusts, can be illegal business or will ask you the investment later when they have your confidence or shall these wonderful inventions send spam to every person that comes close by their networks to make you believe that they will become rich from night to day. These concepts may be by this wrong idea of certain people who believe that everything is on the internet is free and that when they find something valuable, something that love them or what they are really looking for and you ask them a price they feel offended and boost the voice saying that it is one scam. You look perhaps at a showcase, you see a pair of shoes that you love, go and tell the clerk that you of those such wonderful shoes? But free, thank you! Would anyone be passed us by head to do so, right? Since moving to the internet. By to a good or a service that it is quality or fill us our expectations will have to be free? We now transfer it to have a business on the internet. I don’t know anyone who has a business, either traditional or Internet has not cost him anything, there could be higher or lower investment, but something had to invest in the economic section. I found many people who when reported that we had to invest in the business have offered me as loving as these crazy sentences if I’m going to pay for work or you’re a dreamer if I’m going to pay for a job.

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