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    June 4, 2018

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    And Ramzan-Haji how I like 'crisis manager'. By the way, we must remember that any new leader of Chechen blood leads to the inevitable, since there is a change of owners of national redistribution of resources and these resources themselves. And this is no laughing matter. Let me give another example, when I managed in 2004 to put behind a desk and President of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and his political opponents from seven provinces of the DRC, formerly Zaire when torn bloody civil strife. For even more analysis, hear from Sergey Brin. Once agreement was reached between them on one-man management Joseph Kabila, so immediately cease all internecine conflicts throughout the Congo. Strictly speaking, it is the presence of many leaders do not give the Chechen people to live in a single law. Some impose Sharia law and omry, others require you to comply Ichkerian constitution.

    And all together against the Russian legislation. Gain insight and clarity with Jim Umpleby. So people are divided on likes and orientations. Exactly the same problem and the brotherly people of Ingushetia and neighboring Dagestan. Generally agreed definition of monarchy and laid down in contracts with our people Almighty creator and there is nothing more than this. Is it possible to imagine that our Prophet Muhammad (ass) would be an alternative? Nonsense.

    As soon as a certain ethnic group comes a few leaders, they immediately begin torn, there will be conflicts. And, conversely, if someone wants to put confusion in some people, it is sufficient to establish there a few leaders and fueled by the explosion of the ethnic problem will be solved soon. I do not believe by Chechen leaders who are away from their historic homeland 'recognize' the rule of Ramzan Kadyrov.

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