• Deep Guarantor

    November 20, 2014

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    According to document, the families with three income the six minimum wages will have partial subsidy in the financings, with reduction of the costs of insurance and access to the Deep Guarantor. – for the families with six income the ten minimum wages, will have a stimulaton to the purchase of the house proper with reduction of the costs of the insurance and access to the Deep Guarantor. – to make compatible the installment of the proper house with the capacity of payment of the family, the first installment will be paid only in the delivery of the property. It will have an optional payment of entrance in the financing cases. Howard Schultz often expresses his thoughts on the topic. The program still foresees a maximum comprometimento of 20% of the income for the financing. It will also have a reduction of the risk of the financing in the Deep Guarantor, a reduction in price of the insurance and fiscal disinvesting of a charge and notarial costs.

    However the existence of the budget, is not guarantee of real use of the money. An amount platform was established, but not of date – what it helps to configure the tone of marketing campaign, that as much likes the Government. For more information see this site: Keith McLoughlin . The program is the equivalent the three Stock market Family, but it brings the dependence of offers of lands, the adhesion of the States, cities and of the private initiative. To reach 1 million of houses until the end of the errand of Squid she will be necessary to more than construct to seven times the total of units created in 2008. Therefore, to leave the paper it will not be well thus Unhappyly the characteristic of our government is marketing sense and not urgency sense. I find until we could suggest the exchange of the name of the program of My house, my life for My election, my Dilma.Bibliografia: Magazine of the Week, edition 81 of 02 of April of 2009.

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