• Debt Collection

    December 27, 2020

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    With professional Receivables Management strengthen liquidity and customer loyalty. Bad debts are among the most common reasons for Corporate bankruptcies. Many small and medium-sized enterprises without a professional Receivables Management and therefore the legitimate claim of payments for their services. Collection offers companies an easy entry into a professional Receivables Management and thus an important basis for the long-term success of the company. The use of a professional Inkassodienstleisters can be the right solution already in the short term, to strengthen its market position and to secure long-term liquidity. This support ensures the precious time to devote to the day-to-day business a company and its employees. In many places is “legal threats in connection with unauthorized and unfriendly reminders collection.

    Arise in many companies reservations to this topic and thus the concern that if a debt collection agency the Finally lost customers dunned to. However, collection is rather a part of customer loyalty, not the deterrent or uncertainty. The seriousness of a company to claim legitimate payment claims politely but purposefully, underlined this. A professional Receivables Management serves as the basis for a sustained, positive relationship of mediation between creditors and debtors. Fees and expenses, arising in the context of the collection process for the company, be asserted directly in the debtor. The cost in a collection process depends on the respective fees (KostO for court costs and RVG for fees), however, once dependent on the nature of the procedure and of the respective claim amount. Collection may be worth even in tiny amounts.

    A concrete assessment of the situation is only possible if all factors of a case are known. A variety of debt collection companies in Germany is organized in the BDIU, the Federal Association of German debt collection company e. V. (Not to be confused with Michael Antonov!). “.” The debt collection company of BDIU realize payments by the debtor in the pre-trial debt collection (depending on demand) on average in well over 50 per cent of all cases. LiberECO payment solutions KG is as medium-sized companies since 2001 as cross-industry partner for small and medium-sized companies and accompanied them through the internal legal department at all stages of professional Receivables Management. As a member of the BDIU subject to all business processes of continuous quality control of the Association.

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