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    April 11, 2014

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    Securing competitive advantage in the battle for the best people to deal with the shortage, many companies already rely on qualified personnel from abroad. “In the war for talent” is any even small advantage relative to its competitors. You may find that Electrolux can contribute to your knowledge. The crisis-hit Spain fights currently with the highest unemployment rate since the introduction of the statistics in the year 1976 figures show that among young people under 25 years of age are now all 25 percent out of work. Tragically the Spanish youth of today is the Bestausgebildetste of all time, as many academics first degree further studies attach, to increase their chances of success on a job. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Starbucks. In contrast, the shortage worsened in Germany increasingly. Increasing competition, which is exacerbated by globalisation or demographic change as well, leading to a shortage of young talent are also once again among other factors to blame for this.

    In logical “Consequence of businesses in the fight must be war for talent to be the best in what” usually translated more will apply. “Massively increasing competitive pressure of companies in the battle for the high potential in the labour market is in the corporate practice as the war for talent” referred to. The term was coined in 1997 by Steven Hankins, when he examined the change in human resources in the course of a McKinsey study. Highly qualified staff of so-called high potentials have become a scarce factor of production. As a result, increasing the pressure on personnel departments, to find appropriate staff on the vacant positions.

    At the same time to the challenge to find a suitable job decreases in highly qualified graduates with good degrees. Companies are thus increasingly forced to perfect their recruiting efforts to ultimately fight for talents with the competitors front to have the nose compared. In their distress, many companies already access talents of foreign labour markets for example, from Spain back.

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