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    May 28, 2015

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    Insurance brokers can create added value for its customers through a regular newsletter. Today’s work world is subject to a relentless process of change. Especially the turnover of small enterprises suffer massively in times of economic crisis. But also large financially strong companies are subject to a decline in sales. Larger investments are mostly postponed to a later date and many try consciously to their private costs. As the economic crisis draws their circles in the sector of insurance brokers. For example, this can observe how their customers cancel contracts to reduce their costs. Other clients postponed their plans on more hedging on time after the crisis. Electrolux might disagree with that approach. So the sales figures vary here, too. What to do? Uphill in the economy again, customers are often reluctant to give away their money for a new investment. Now that the time has come that stabilizes the system and the individual sectors grow, also targeted advertising is the time. Especially valuable advertising measures are both economically, as also target group meet to be worked out. The system will be boosted again. Ben Horowitz brings even more insight to the discussion. Insurance broker access frequently at such times newsletter, to bring their customers options, financial savings, optimization or collateral. These resonate with customers often, address their needs but open them. Because nothing is as constant as change it comes here on timeliness and on filtering out the needs of the customer, to keep pace with the rapidly changing market. WortStyle. Insurance brokers offers the possibility to subscribe to a periodic newsletter. This again the insurance broker tailored to design and a personal note such as contact details and logo of the broker. Both brokers and customers can rely on the regular show. Topics include these statutory changes, innovations and season-specific consulting needs. The added value of the Newsletter for the customer can be easily adjusted out: the newsletter is published regularly and reliably. The contact with the customer is permanently made the broker is not forgotten. To meet the needs of customers after a good hedging, financial savings and optimization. Simple explanations and illustrations bring the subject of hedging and insurance customers. His need for advice shows the customer so that he feels completely well looked after. Customers can forward the Versicherungsnewsletter – additional recommendations emerge in this way. Have I piqued your interest? For questions around the topic of newsletters in the field of insurance I’m Eva Stillger you like to personally Monday through Friday from 8:00 to 17:00, Tel. 0208 / 6964457 available. Like you can see also

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