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    March 14, 2020

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    Today the car is equipped with a crane (hydraulic manipulator) or abbreviated CMU (crane-manipulator unit) is a great help during the delivery and transportation of goods. Indispensable advantage of machines with manipulators is that this car can produce self-loading, transporting and unloading, it saves not only time spent on organizing the process transportation, but also money. If you had to carry large loads or building materials needed for at least a crane truck and a whole crew of workers (not to mention the mass of nerves and spent time), but now everything has changed dramatically. An alternative to everything listed above was versatile and inexpensive crane. All this work easily will do one car, reducing the number of technique used and the number of employed persons, thus minimizing manual labor and material costs. Crane – a car that perfectly combines the endurance of the truck and load crane, but they are much lighter and more maneuverable, which only improves the quality of their work.

    The crane is simple to operate, and this in turn can significantly reduce the number of personnel for its services, and hence reduce the cost of its services. Today the population of large cities is growing rapidly. And many people prefer to move to City. Read more from “Howard Schultz Starbucks
    to gain a more clear picture of the situation. When building a house or villa services crane are simply irreplaceable. Especially not do without a car with a crane, if the construction is carried out in densely populated summer community with hard to reach entrances.

    If long-length can not to call on you to the site to unload the cargo, small and maneuverable vehicle with a crane to do it with ease. Here are just a partial list of services that crane handle with ease Transportation wood and metal huts, shopping kiosks and pavilions, container garages, checkpoints, security posts, arbors or other IAF (small architectural forms). Transportation of construction materials – bricks, slabs Road and floor slabs, gazoblok, flagstones, granite, decorative stone, pipes, concrete rings, base blocks (FBS), and other concrete products, coil cable, board, block house, valves, etc.) Transportation and landing greenery – trees, large plants and seedlings. Transportation and participate in the assembly and disassembly of billboards Transportation of various machine tools, generators, machinery, transformers, boilers, power plants and other things equipment. Transportation and installation of poles, fences, gates and fences Transportation services during exhibitions

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