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    January 23, 2015

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    Personalization can be done in the factories of manufacturers pens, as well as through various advertising agencies and the Internet magiziny who will gladly provide this service. How can you personalize the pen Parker? Unlike many brands, some models of body color pens Parker can do anything – the taste of the customer. Well What if your boss and all his staff write only bright green or yellow cheerfully handles, which corresponds to the corporate spirit? Unique in terms of personalization for pens Parker Vector is a collection of Transfer printing. New technology makes it possible to apply high-quality color image of a circle, as on housing and on the cap. The result is a photographic image and the lack of color limit. What if placed on the handle of your photo or building your organization? A great way to accommodate a logo of the company – the bulk stamp on the butt or handle at the time. At the same time stamp can be in the form of flare to match the trim knobs, and filled with colored enamels. And in fact, and in another case handle becomes a kind of respectable personality.

    If you want to completely pass colors of your corporate logo, you can make a color logo also at the end of handle and on time, and to give it the volume can make the fill transparent resin. At the writing instrument can be engraved, and then a company logo or personal message will remain for centuries. This kind of application, as pad printing, allows application of multiple colors at once and helps to convey the beauty of the logo of your organization. Waterman Waterman – one more deserving of special attention brand of prestigious writers instruments. The main competitive advantage of the brand – is that the Waterman pens have become not just writing instruments of high quality, but also a fashion accessory.

    This is perhaps one of the few brands of writing instruments, known in the fashion world exclusively through design their pens. Designers track fashion trends and in accordance with them build their collections. Technology used in the manufacture of some collections, were adopted from jewelry that makes these pens special touch of luxury, elegance and chic. In addition, long-term history of mark guarantees the quality of the unquestioning execution, and precious materials – prestige. Mark offers a wide range of vastly different styles and collections. Every year, releasing new models, finishes, limited editions. As a gift to the manager or business partner most interesting is the new 2007 – model Edson Diamond Black Collection Edson. Waterman, as well as many other brands of prestigious writing instruments, offers services and on application. Business partners often congratulate using expensive pens with the logo – logo of any of the parties. Typically, there are several types of application by type of technology used: the emblem on the clip, the logo on the face, engraving, pad printing, bulk stamp at a time and end; silkscreen. Form logos can be very diverse: the round, and rectangular, and square, and oval. Can be more original and do not just stick the logo on the face and surround the stamp. Almost all collections of writing tools can be a tampon printing – the most affordable way to add a company logo pens. Thus, a prestigious writing instrument can serve as a means of corporate promotion and strengthening of long-term loyal partnerships.

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