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    July 27, 2016

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    Business management consultancy is used by professionals to provide objective advice and strategies to improve the processes that lead to the greater efficiency of an organization. The goal of business management is helping the Organization to maintain its competitiveness, by proposing marketing strategies that improve efficiency, profits, the structure of the organization or its operations. Some business professionals offer self-employed business management consulting services, and others work for a management consulting firm. Organizations can hire consulting services business that specialize in specific industries, such as manufacturing or healthcare. Other companies offer consulting services for specific business functions, such as marketing, human resources or information technology. The process of business of business management consulting services start with a contract between the Organization and a consultant to the type or types of services rendered. The contract includes the expectations of services and outcomes, how the time and resources that should be allocated and how both parties will work together to ensure that the goals and objectives in terms of financial management are met. After these terms are defined, the consultant starts the diagnosis of current operations systems.

    The consultant and the organization collaborate to determine aspects of approach and relevance of information that should be collected and analyzed in order to provide a proper plan of action. During the collection it is important business management consultant to communicate its purpose to employees who will be affected by the changes in the processes. It is essential that the consultant obtains the participation and support of the line workers. This dispels the fears and natural responses to change. Business management consulting firm professionals can use several methods to access crucial information, as questionnaires, interviews and observations. Each method has a set of advantages and disadvantages and they may be selected on the basis that it is less harmful to the daily operations of the organization. The proper analysis should disclose the underlying causes of a problem or when the organization can invest in development.

    The company’s business management professionals should make comments in writing to the Organization immediately terminate the process. This report is fundamental so that the consultant report to the Organization on the problems and strategies for improvement, how to improve the productivity of the worker or the control of costs, etc. In general, is a meeting between the Adviser and the members of the Organization to analyze the results of the report.

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