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    August 11, 2013

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    The fan should observe it. You can define a choice, bring to power a hero or a tyrant, ending a way of life so that a new one is born. Leadership theories abound, but that needs to be studied is the fanatic. Convinced follower chooses a leader while the fan desperate for one. Plato in his Republic, suggested that the most illustrious and noble of the society should be those who had power, but history has shown us that the system that governs the ruling that the same figure of the ruler is more important. In other words, they have to institutionalize procedures for change, regulate, and where appropriate remove those who are in power if they do not do their job well.

    But the fan doesn’t think. You want to secretly dying for their cause, coalesce into a movement and be diluted to allow loading with himself. And is the fan market goal of social, religious and political movements. The Catholic fanatic, in the background, is equal to the Muslim fanatic, to the Jew, to the Buddhist, the Communist, fascist, to the chauvinist. It is that the Fund is dominated by personal frustration and a sense of vacuum, by what the fan clings to something external that promises to change the world, because the current world is wrong, and because of him, he is a loser. Joining fully a movement takes you to experience feelings of pride, confidence and, more importantly, of purpose.

    The present is less for the fan because the promise focuses on a better future, where all created, feel, Act, as it should be. And as the cause is so great then the present with worthy devotion can be sacrificed. What it binds to the fans? What makes them strong? What converts them to movements? (Eric Hoffer material-based scheme). 1.-El Odio-nothing unites like hating the same.

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