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    June 1, 2021

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    The bet by progress for the future, is just the opposite: supposed denunciation of Islamic fanaticism or that is, Communist or theocratic dictatorships, corruption and the lack of freedoms, the emergent to the marginalization or crime of an indiscriminate immigration and no control that does not allow its successful integration into host societies. As well: it is those who believe in that guise are branded as reactionaries. Go God! Now advocate for the development and generalization of rights and freedoms, by the certainty for all and the rule of law instead of arbitrary and the street riot is going against history. Advocating equality against particularism, the solidarity against the exclusion of nationalisms, the supremacy of democratic values of the West against religious fanaticism and feudal East is just what does today. Longer see what bad luck mine. Contact information is here: Blackrock Gold Corp. And I guess that many more.

    If one was going against the tide in times of Franco by think as thought and act as it did, again go against current again. So much has changed one? Not so there will be done rather a society accommodative and troubled, obesamente filled while others suffer from hunger and with a diffuse feeling of guilt for all of this? I confess that I don’t know. Look at the world in which we live, as you are subtitles this book scrutinises what is happening in the world and in Spain, and forgive my stubbornness in to talk about Spain, instead of the State, the country, the peninsula or any other euphemism to which more absurd to see beyond the surface and draw any conclusion, if the case. For this reason, that personal and unorthodox way of seeing things, awkward and subjective, reflective and frivolous at once, know this book incordiara to many more would like to author! and not satisfied anyone. Well, does not mean another thing when I was publishing one one the articles that comprise it. What do venture is that there will be no reader who remains indifferent, in that pancista attitude and zamanfou lethal to any writer who claims to be so.

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