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    May 28, 2012

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    We think generally that the money and the emotions are not related and is totally on the contrary. Yes you ask yourself because I do not have money first conversation how they are your emotions. The emotions are the motivating force did everything what we do in our life, the Greco-Latin roots of the word emotion are: to e=ir and movere=hacia, then the emotion is what it impels to us and directs. First it is necessary to know that I feel with respect to the money, exist technical to do it, I recommend the following exercise to you: Ticket removes from denomination that is and ponte to watch it at great length, and hazte conscious that you feel when to be doing it, that you think to near that called paper money, that memories you have with respect to him, dates account that happens to you when you are seeing it. Mantente thus by approximately 8 or 10 minutes.

    Yes during this exercise emotions like anger arose, sadness, anxiety or some other feeling or sensation that it dislikes to you, then exists a blockade with the money. Generally these blockades have his origin in your personal history mainly in childhood. Here I share the steps to solve this to you: to 1.Saber from where these blocking thoughts and feelings with respect to the money come, they are generally originated of the 0 to the 12 years, it looks for memories with respect to the money at that time, mainly those that brings about sadness to you, anger, fear, distresses. to 2.Respetar the feelings that appear with respect to all this, to cry what must be cried, to shout what must be shouted, to say what must be said. to 3.Reconocer that negative beliefs handle to me with respect to the money, to write them, to choose three more repetitive.

    4. After those three, to choose most repetitive and strong. to 5.Cambiar it ex on the contrary: the money corrupts by the money benefits here and now and it to me acceptance 6. Whenever that belief like repetitive thought comes to change it by the new thought. Here I give the first steps to you to begin to clean your relation with the money, most recommendable it is to attend with a specialist who helps you to do it of one more a deeper and customized way By. Dra. Elosa Chavarra the Dra. Elosa Chavarra is an industralist and a professional of the dedicated conduct to help the industralist who wants more results in his business, hundreds of people have benefitted with their guide. It knows his strategies designed to reach the next level in your business, visits: and receives free first. Original author and source of the article

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