• Chronic Institutions

    July 25, 2015

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    At a time where if it speaks in such a way in the rights of the women and the obligation of the State in promoting politics that defend these women of its oppressors, it is inadmissible to think about institutions who do not protect them or that, minimum deal, them with the respect that they deserve. Created in 1985, the Police stations of Policy of Defense of the Rights of the Woman, have for goal the rendering of services to the victims of the violence, either in the familiar, social or professional scope. The first Police station of the Woman appeared in the center of the So Paulo capital, and until today it is the only unit of the sort that functions twenty and four hours per day, taking care of the woman victim of the violence and other forms of discrimination. Currently innumerable Police stations for the Women spread for Brazil exist all. What one expects of the Police stations for Women? That it has attendance twenty and four hours, that always are present somebody can receive that them, hear and register, if necessary. One expects to find women who if feel bothered and displaced by historical situation of these women who, only now, are encouraged to give complaint against aggressors.

    The situation of the woman victim of the violence, or any another discrimination, is painful. Psychically fragilizadas, when they obtain to surpass its traumas and to search aid, everything that they desire are to find sensitivity of the other side. It is as soon as will be felt encouraged to denounce. If it will not have this special shelter, with certainty, will be able to withdraw. Many times, encouraged at the moment of the aggression to look for to the police stations, if not taken care of, the reliable lack, of expectation of results, of protection, will knock down the determination to look aid.

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