• Choose Me

    July 8, 2011

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    (Stop clapping). NAPLES: The fact is that what others say also. Mr. V. : And so it should be.

    You say what you want, but to persuade. NAPLES: But the other also says he will become mayor. Mr. V. : That is democracy. Anyone can be mayor. Even you.

    NAPLES: I will a good mayor. Because I am more than that, much more. Mr. V. : Of course. Nobody questioned. (Smiles). NASPOLa: Well, Choose Me. Mr. V. I can not. We must vote. And as you go depends on the thing you'd better leave or not. NAPLES: As! Mr. V. : I invest. I know you're a good investment. Do not worry. NAPLES: auf!. It is so much effort for nothing. Mr. V. : Never be in vain, silly. I will give you a boost (Napoli smiles). I know I managed very well. You will do what you do and the less noticeable better. Rates rise, say it is for the good of the city. NAPLES: Ya, ya. Mr. V. : That you put more fines, then say it's for safety. You miss the vendors outside the city, which accounts for social integration. NAPLES: Sure, sure. For the general good. I want the best for all and for all. Mr. V. : Very good, very commendable. Is there no freedom? For freedom of expression for you too. Furthermore, what you I heard cry is very nice. NAPLES: What if I do not vote enough? Mr. V. : You will come out, come out, but there is always a failure.

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