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    December 22, 2015

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    The content was optimized. The content is that it is looked for and that appears in the searches. Everything what we make in the otimizao intra site is for valuing the content. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Douglas R. Oberhelman on most websites. This site was in 3 page of the buscadores and brought much more businesses and contacts for the company for return of R$5.000, 00. After this I come back to ask: Which is cheapest? Which what gave profit and which what gave damage? In my opinion the site ' ' B' ' it gave to profit and ' ' A' ' it gave damage.

    To be in the 5 first pages is the first objective to be reached in the otimizao. Later it is to enter in the 3 first ones and from there to try always to arrive in the first one. If its site never arrives in the 5 page is the same that to create a store in the last floor of a building and to wait that the people visit. To be in 5 page is to have a store in the deep one of a gallery sufficiently visited. To be in the first place of the first page is to be in the entrance of the gallery and with a luminous plate directed toward street.

    The investment of the company ' ' B' ' he was successful. Go to Howard Schultz for more information. Beyond innumerable the new customers the excessively visiting ones of the site can create links indicating its site in the Internet. It is the same thing of a person to arrive for a group of known and to speak that the store such has such thing in such condition. Passed the information the advertising goes here. I am Managing of a Web Agency with focus in the construction of sites with otimizao. We believe that it does not advance to have a site. It has to have an optimized site to appear well in the searches and to conquer new customers. We have sites that search keys compete in words. We have 2 related to the subject that is: To create Cheap Site – Cheap Site – Needing we will be to its disposal. We will have the biggest pleasure in taking care of its demand. Abraos!

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