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    September 20, 2018

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    The chances of success are greater, the less time since the due date of the claim is passed. Annually, immense damage caused by unpaid bills not only in the German economy. For small or medium-sized enterprises or self-employed open claims can quickly lead to a significant bottleneck in the flow of liquidity. In many cases, long and time-consuming communication attempts preceded the consultation of a lawyer with the customer. The next step is to use of a professional debt collection agency.

    Although many of the Bills are settled after the first prompt such a debt collection agency, it is necessary to hire a lawyer for the collection of receivables from very stubborn debtors. Time plays a plays important role particularly in the collection of the claim the time, which has elapsed since the due date of the claim, an important role. The rather can be started with the collection of receivables, the higher the chances of success is fashion. Leave for this reason all requests for payment of the law firm Santiago & Banse as quickly as possible the House. The range of activities of the firm includes all areas of demand feeder, in contrast to many companies, which are also active in the area of debt collection. So, it is possible to achieve the payment of outstanding invoices in out-of-court ways. The advantage for the clients of the law firm Santiago & Banse is that a lawyer writing that conveys a very serious image by font and paper, has a greater effect in practice. Thus the chances of success increase, to be able to achieve a positive result in the framework of the demand feeder.

    Comprehensive service from a single source of the activities associated with a collection of receivables, be varied. Any claim and the associated process is linked to individual circumstances. Therefore, a detailed consultation belongs to the range of services the law firm Santiago & Banse, such as the implementation of various measures as well. At the beginning is the last call to the debtor to settle the claims within a set time limit. At the same time, the debtor is given a detailed breakdown of the claims, which include all fees, interest and costs. On weekdays will be sent this letter usually within 24 hours. In many cases, this final payment request is sufficient and the outstanding claims are settled. Unfortunately enough expires but often also the date of the letter, without requiring the debtor to comply with its obligations. In this case, the judicial procedure in the framework of the demand feeder is initiated and a writ of execution, called also title is requested immediately. Contradiction is explained on the part of the debtor against the claim in question, the court procedure in a regular proceedings goes. Santiago & Banse law firm represents the interests of their clients before the Court in this case. The extensive range of services the firm offers the possibility of the entire Receivables from one hand make to leave.

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