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    October 31, 2018

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    (Jesus) Children of God He has some days, occurred a meeting that, to it, did not pass of a simple joke: My Father, in one day of pssimo mood, decided to observe the Society Human being, and, perceiving that it was gives to reach the chaos, he decided to give an end the same one. However, my Benevolent and Loving Father, better found to inform the Humanity on its intentions. Thus, he called to Skies three of the most influential people of the Land: George W. Bush, Fidel Castro and Bill Gates. ' ' He is the following one: I go to finish with the World. Please, they inform this to the human beings. they give my Final Message: They forgive me for the Bother? ' '. In return the Land, Bush was to the CNN, and in national net, it announced: ' ' American people and remaining portion of the human people.

    I have two notice. Good and a other bad one. The good one is that we were certain, God in fact exists. The bad one is that It goes to finish with mundo' '. I castrate, coming back Cuba, it convoked its comrades and it make a speeched: ' ' Comrades, I have two notice: bad and an other pssima. The bad one is that we were made a mistake. God exists. Worse E, it goes to finish with the Mundo' '.

    Gates, having access its MSN, sent a global email saying: ' ' There Galera, I have two notice: good and an other still better! The good one is that God considers me ones of the people most illustrious of the world. best, is that we will not need to improve Windows XP! ' '. However, seconds later, Gates received a reply from the Department of Marketing of Microsoft, affirming that in fact they already had improved Windows XP: they were you give to launch the Sight.

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