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    November 1, 2018

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    The company can be successful only when partners trust her, and customers are loyal. The firm's reputation is made up of many factors, one of which – a certificate. This document greatly increases the market value firm. It is not surprising that voluntary certification is widely distributed among organizations. Essentially, the certificate is the most precious document, which clearly confirms the stated quality commodity, just as a health certificate confirms the absolute of its safety for human health. That is why the procedure of certification of products, services, worldwide production plays a key value. Developed and the scale of international requirements for certification of products – the quality system ISO, and those entrepreneurs who are interested in developing business in the international arena, will receive a certificate compliance with this standard. Certification services, goods and services by specialized accredited certification, which guarantees the legitimacy of and compliance with all requirements of GOST certification or ISO.

    That is why such organizations issued on the basis of a detailed analysis of documents and are considered as benchmarks: the certificate of compliance, quality certificate, the certificate of fire safety certificate origin etc. Certificate of compliance and quality certificate issued by the company, as a mandatory or voluntary. In the first case, the basis for completing the procedure of certification of products is a list of products subject to mandatory certification. If the code corresponding to the commodity unit is present in the list of GST, the certification is mandatory – if not, then voluntary. Number of people willing to submit an application for voluntary certification today is increasing, which is understandable. In particular, the established norms of the legislation procedure may need to fire safety certificate, but obtaining health certificate – a necessary condition for the observance of which is the basis for further analysis of the products or services for obtaining certificates of conformity and quality.

    If the certificates confirm the conformity of the goods, for example, a certificate of quality on the tube stated criteria of quality, it is the primary legal documents that will be required and the importer and manufacturer, as evidence of product safety for human life and health. Despite the complexity of the certification procedure, the introduction of the new system does not always require drastic changes in the company. Moreover, if the firm is preparing to certification, it must necessarily refer to the professionals. Their experience will allow a reasonable time to do what is necessary.

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