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    July 17, 2011

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    Thus solve two problems at once: in the database automatically generated invoices for shipment to each client and develop a plan to produce footwear for the production. At the same time minimized the human factor: there is no duplication of information, all information is entered correctly. Most often in retail trade TSD is used for inventory in the warehouse or on the trading floor. Mobile technology is several times increase the productivity of employees engaged in taking into account cash balances, reduce errors, more effectively address issues mixture of patterns. To solve the simple inventory problem when you want to compare data on the balance of goods in a database with the actual remains, fairly simple terminals. May approach model batch-terminal four-line display with an inactive button keypad. At the large warehouse and distribution centers can apply more efficient data collection terminals, as well as in the case necessary equipment with an extended working temperature range. As a rule, industrial terminals have an increased degree of protection, shock-proof design (some manufacturers guarantee TSD performance when they fall on a concrete floor from a height of 1.5 m).

    This is a rather large device, which sometimes exceeds the mass of 1 kg. For convenience, the option to attach them to the body of the loader. In the case of terminals in the address storage warehouses may be a need for graphic information on the whereabouts of pallets with the required commodities. In this case, would be justified in the use of terminals with a large LCD display.

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