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    July 11, 2020

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    The fact that SIP-panels as a heater used polystyrene PSB-S type, belonging to the group self-extinguishing. This significantly reduced flammability and circulated by the flame on the surface of polystyrene. When burned, PSB-S stands at 8 times less heat than the combustion of dry wood in the same volume. Therefore, for the individual (low-rise) building modern Styrofoam from the standpoint of fire hazards – are perfectly safe. Fire safety in general, any house provided by a number of events: fire protection – constructive or treatment or combinations of fire retardant paint, wiring device compliance, compliance Fire claims unit heaters, furnaces, fireplaces, etc., compliance with the requirements for building fire (fire breaks, firewalls, etc.) and just respect the rules of fire safety. For Canadian home usually recommend finishing plasterboard wall (plasterboard), with no guide profiles. The walls of the SIP panels permit.

    Lack produha between the panels and drywall makes the spread of flames. This wall is opposed to an open fire for more than 45 minutes! Wiring according to the rules is necessary, as in any wooden house, to make public. In the present state of the market open wiring materials easily done so, that she will decorate the interior. Now for the rodents. This is not a purely Russian problem. They are complete and in developed countries, where Canadian homes are operated for more than half a century, not only as a dwelling, but as warehouses, shops, etc. Rodents enter the dwelling of man very different ways – not necessarily through the walls.

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