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    February 15, 2014

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    Edson Silva The 1978 winter seemed to be most cold than all Brazilian we already were facing. But, in Campinas (SP), many hearts were warm for the pride to be, of some form, represented in the defense of the sacred institution call of Brazilian Election of Soccer. We were the tricampees of 70 and we were orphans of Skin. Rivellino and Jairzinho had if strengthenn in 74, they had arrived only at the room place. Our hope, in 78, was to go more beyond. Rivellino was shirt 10 and still appears (who knows) a new Skin, Arthur Antunes Coimbra or simply Zico, disclosed for the Flamengo (RIO DE JANEIRO). Our Election would not lose no departure. It gained 4 and it tied up to 3, it made 10 gols and alone it took 3, but it was not enough to be champion, honor that was for the owners of the house, Argentina, that disputed the heading against Holland.

    We are invictos, but in third place, what somebody baptized of heading of ' ' champion moral' '. Reason of pride of Campinas was to see the pair of zaga formed for Amaral and Oscar, disclosed respectively in the Guarani and the Black Bridge. By the way, in that one same Election was two other athletes Da Ponte, the goleiro Carlos and the zagueiro Polozzi. All category of the zagueiros was not surprise for who liveed in Campinas, after all, between 77 and 78, the city was called Capital National the Soccer. In 13 of October of 77, the Bridge had been runner-up native of So Paulo against the Corinthians; in 13 of August of 78, the Guarani would be the first teams of the interior to be champion Brazilian of the first division against the Palms. In 10 of February of 1979, the Bridge would come back to be vice native of So Paulo against the Corinthians.

    Who liveed in the city, 78, could say proud that Campinas formed the wall that defended the goal of our Election and if the goleiro Lion bobeasse, still had the Carlos. In more, we face strong adversaries as Sweden, Spain, Austria, Peru, Argentina, Poland and Italy. The magnificent Reinaldo aggressor only made 1 goal, hurt itself in the first departure. Zico also alone made 1. Our artillerymen had been Robert Dinamite and Dirceu with 3 gols each; the zagueiro Nelinho made 2, one of them in the decision of 3 place, against Italy, with one of the kicks with effect of prettiest already seen in Pantries, that the goleiro Zoff must look for the ball until today. This was in 24 of June of 78, was 52 left that Brazil made in Pantries, the last one that we would see Rivellino to defend our Election in a world-wide one and in that one marked by the innovative vocabulary of the technician Claude Coutinho and its ' ' overlapping' ' or future point, that in them seemed distant, after all was another Pantry without heading, but with pride of campineira ours invicta zaga. Edson Silva edsonsilvajornalista@ yahoo.com.br

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