• Business In The Mist

    September 6, 2011

    Posted in: General

    If your company has a tool to understand the manager, the director of the entire picture of yourself and do not depend on someone else's words – means business is transparent. And what's happening in the company, if such a tool is missing or not "Works". Occurs in approximately the following. For example, for the formation of the contract legal department must provide customer details. Forming account, please God, without error, based on another instance data from this same client.

    We make a payment – run again with the details, but the accounting department. And if the data passes through the sales department, finance, logistics, etc.? In addition, the whole chain of these documents – not connected with each other. Contract in one place, in other accounts, offers were on the computer manager, who resigned, and payments in general client bank. That is what is called a fog. That is, in principle, can be seen, of course, but very poorly.

    Exactly mist in the business processes of executives brings to hysteria, when you need to find some minor issue, but the staff member responsible for this issue is on vacation or retired, or information of commercial and data accounting differ. Ask any manager, director, business owner, whether he wants to fully control your business? I think the answer is obvious. Business is transparent, when all employees are clear. And this understanding not only in words and on an intuitive level, and by building a clear organizational structure of the company, which gives a clear idea of the functions performed by each employee and functions that have not met or duplicated. Organizational structure to optimize the number of personnel departments, to simplify the interaction of units to evenly distribute the load on the staff, improve productivity.

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