• Broom House

    January 1, 2018

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    As a friend of my parents to celebrate women's day very solemnly gave his beloved ordinary birch broom. Yes, yes, dressing broom! Most of the guests was then, as seen in the course, but I have a mouth agreed to explain the reason for this strange gift. You see, we are with my Nadyuhoy on the eve of March 8 through the bath-broom and then met. It was already quite a while. As was released on a dressing film The Irony of Fate, my friends and I also took the a rule in steam room to walk. That is once I came to the place of collection, look no one from my own. Strange And I have to have a broom in a string bag, everything as it should in such cases, the bath. On that day in my string bag also institute library textbook lying, then I studied by correspondence.

    Well, I took a couple of bottles of beer, and came one bath, and sauna Women's Day. These are the times, my friends, you probably know, but were not warned. In general, I stood at the baths with his silly string bag with beer and sticking a broom, only an idiotic kind. And suddenly three girls fit, laughing, one said: "Young man, to treat a lady broom, eh?". At first I snarled with frustration: "Yeah, maybe you are still on the back of this broom? ". And then gave the broom straight with a string bag. Beer is just pulled out. When I got home, I am going to chew science, test on the nose, and suddenly remember that the textbook is something left in the string bag! Then I understand that I those girls, who string bag with a broom and textbook gave up completely can not remember.

    The voting was something like I remember, especially those who first spoke, but the person I went over to the cashier of bath, as they say, and so, trouble came. As if to announce bannomu room supposedly return broom with a string bag, more precisely, the string bag with a book. She looked at me for a long time, but his aunt, banschitsu called. And she says: "Go-ka you yourself in the locker room, now all in myteynom Hall on their lockers find, yet no one came, and his gallop, nibbled science. And I'll look to you there is nothing superfluous is not picked up. " I looked into the locker room, there is really no one. I began frantically fumbling for lockers. Some are locked, had to mess around, fortunately my aunt gave the pick. Revealing one box, yeah, here's my string bag. Grab it and then Get back on something wet and biting. Trying to explain everything, but nothing comes out. Screeching, screaming and slapping a myriad of bare feet on the floor. With difficulty escaped. Aunt-banschitsa me repulsed, with great difficulty. I sit, in general, in the changing room, near the cash register, waiting, when all come out. All women without exception neigh, leaving the bath, and I was not laughing. The library is strictly a textbook lose, no end of trouble. Yes, and set off again. Shame on you, but I had to find that girl In the end she came up and laughed, I held her up at home. Since they were introduced. Nadia she was, as in the Twist of fate

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