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    May 22, 2017

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    Many people work on their own, either because they are doctors, lawyers, designers, artists, professional consultants, only to cite some professions and require promote and publicize their work and their expertise to others, to obtain new customers and be recognized in its field of action. However, not everyone knows how to achieve these objectives and for this social media provides useful tools of promotion, through the personal branding. Social media isn’t just for commercial brands, also serves to promote personal brands, i.e. a professional recognized in your area is a brand that should be exploited, in the sense that has the elements necessary to be an outstanding and recognized person and her work widely, for the purposes of obtaining economic and social benefits. However, creating your own personal brand is not an easy task, because it requires time and a thorough knowledge of self and our qualities and potentials, but although at the beginning it looks like something esoteric it is not as complicated as it seems, the issue is do.For this reason, today we want to introduce in this post some tips to help you create your personal brand and so they can stand out and shine in the firmament of Web 2.0. Here is our sugerencia:primero, first thing: know yourself and your target market and you set a target. You have to identify what is what you do best and why you like to do so, in other words what is what excites you, in such a way that passion is what are you going to sell and promote and people going to genuine feeling and above all, very competent in the area of other driving. Also, you must identify your audience, i.e. who you’re going to promote your personal brand, and who will be willing to use your services. For this reason, you must also identify your niche market.Another important thing, you set a target, i.e., what you want to achieve with these personal marketing strategies (recognition, more customers, position yourself as an expert in your area, among others).

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