• Born Skills

    March 31, 2014

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    Life is not equal for all, often not about money but rather of aptitude and attitude towards various situations we face in the way of life. In common parlance refers to the ability of a person’s ability to adequately perform a task, in psychology encompasses both cognitive and emotional processes and personality characteristics. We must also mention that aptitude is closely related to intelligence and the innate and acquired skills as a result of a learning process. Those with skill, know immediately when you realize there is that making friends with people who are low-life, not to be arrested with them, or involved in professional activity. Those with skill, know immediately get away from vices like marijuana, cocaine, because they know they end up living to enrich a group of traffickers. The vice of the poorer and far from reality, to end up living on the streets as a beggar. Those who have faced life skills to better than those who do not, and almost always end up in the hands of prostitution, drug addiction, underemployment, blackmail, imprisonment, lack of intelligence. Click Keith McLoughlin to learn more. The skills are linked to a wide range of skills competence, all related to the different logical-mathematical skills.

    Logical reasoning. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Abstract reasoning. Related to logical-mathematical intelligence. Verbal comprehension and writing. Linguistic intelligence related to the body.

    Spatial reasoning. Spatial intelligence related. Mental concentration. Linked to emotional intelligence. Manual dexterity and eye-hand coordination. Related bodily-kinesthetic intelligence. Memory. Inventiveness, originality, relationship to the environment.

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