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    June 3, 2018

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    He perceives that in recognition to such behavior the technician said: ' ' It was an initiative of it (to be) and this must be valued, is not disdain nor desrespeito.' ' The delivery concept says: ' ' If I have two employees in my team that plays the same functions, that are remunerated and evaluated by identical parameters, but one of them when it is asked for that it decides a problem to it, brings the solution with much efficiency and effectiveness, I must admit that, for my team, this last one is more valioso.' ' ' ' When looking at the people for its capacity of delivery, we have an adjusted perspective more (because more individualizada), to guide the development of them and to establish recompensas.' ' (Extracted Text of the Book: In Search of the Effectiveness in Training? Norm ABNT NBR THIS 10015:2001? Management of the Quality Line of direction for Training? Jorge de Paiva Fields Sebastio Guimares? 2008). It perceives that the presented concept of delivery above identifies of clear form those that for its comprometimento and initiative if they donate in the intention to reach one definitive objective, same target or a goal. Equally, a time identified with bigger clarity, this individual will be able more of form adjusted to be rewarded by its delivery a time that where it wants that this is inserted, will be evaluated as being of great value. Still using the example above we can say that in order to get this important all professional quality it must search to develop two abilities of equal importance: the comprometimento and the initiative, a time that the delivery is the direct result of the addition of these abilities (comprometimento + initiative = delivery). Comprometimento and Iniciativa responsible Comprometer Tornar, to pledge, to make responsible. The definition of the salient concept of comprometimento in very evident way the necessity of that the individual in order to act in order to demonstrate delivery, takes the responsibility to execute definitive task when leading it has equipped the attainment of definitive goal or objective. Ben Horowitz often addresses the matter in his writings.

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