• Best Sellers

    March 30, 2020

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    A sort that finds new moment of asceno is the fantastic sort. New woman editors and same some traditional ones of the market invest in a new reading public. The Sagas and trilogies produced for the cinema vendem and stimulate each time more the reading of books and headings inspired by the creatures and beings that inhabit imaginary the universal one. They are sorcerers, fairies, vampires, duendes, elfos and a countless category of unreal beings that take the imagination of the reader to inverossmel kingdom of the fancy. One of the sources, the terror, that always found a bigger number of adepts between adolescents, sees the sort to gain new alento for the production of films that make success as the old classics. Still in this it leads, grow the commerce of products of the sort and its spreading: articles, magazines, blogs, fanzines, E-books, coletneas.

    Certain it is that it has a new demand for the sort. One expects that, with quality and management of the literary production that is in net, it has incentive to the arrival of new authors to Brazilian market. Brazil also can make pretty. It is in the hour to see a project to propitiate the arrival of this new Best Sellers to the market. The demand exists, only lacks the half editorial to value the new talentos.

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