• Angelica Antonova

    September 2, 2015

    Posted in: General

    As you can see the problem in the main "external". There are problems of using electronic forms of payment. For example, credit card payment. Interest charged by banks with payments and cost of implementing the system itself is still quite high, but this popular credit card payment in the population is quite low. But all these problems time and Kazakhstan's internet user, as in fact the Internet itself, in the near future to reach, finally, a sufficient level for a good return on the online stores. And the winner will be the on-line stores that will occupy the niche first, of course, subject to really high-quality service and customer support. Kaznet, sorely lacking its powerful search engine, as well as different directories, through which a potential buyer would be able to find the right product to him.

    The number of potential buyers is increasing, the market for Internet services is growing, and rates for Internet access are reduced, there was a competition for first place in the delivery of search engines. All of this suggests that Kaznet still evolving, and therefore should be increased and the number of purchases occurring in shops and we hope soon the situation will change for the better. Internet users want to commit to advise more purchases in Kazakhstan shops, because it is convenient and economical. A Kazakh owners of Internet shops we wish to increase business development and conversion of visitors into buyers. Kozhemyaka Eugene, Web-director of Open Company "Axon NGOs" (Shop supplies 'Axon') Many owners probably would be in agreement in the above-mentioned problems and forecasts for online stores in Kazakhstan. Market turnover e-business in Kazakhstan is not yet in comparison with the turnovers shop-s of the West and even Russia.

    Not yet a Kazakh online store has not reached that level of income, as everyone knows Ozon.ru, not to mention Amazon.com. But this is stores, which started with books, products with lower premiums. Unfortunately, now is not the time and success in our time waiting for those most Kazakh online-shops, which are developed based on existing retail or wholesale stores. And I want to believe that the very near future, the next year or two, Kaznet begin to develop more active and perhaps even overtake other segments of the Internet. Angelica Antonova, correspondent of the magazine 'Business Landmark '

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