• Ancient Rome

    March 26, 2014

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    Rome conquered Greece, but this culture was very important, and although the two cultures merged, Rome contributed nothing to Greek music. However, drawings changing the Roman manner, sometimes changing their looks. Typically used in large music festivals. They were rated very virtuous or famous oil painting musicians, adding sides to his humorous and relaxed performances. These musicians lived in a bohemian always surrounded holiday.
    In the Roman theater and amphitheater-style Greek comedies represented. The authors landscapes were among other famous Plautus and painter Terence. The tragedy and its significance was maximum grower Seneca. The music had a role in these plays.
    Since the founding of Rome a true musical landmark, the Ludion. These giclee actors were of Etruscan origin who danced to the rhythm of the tibiae, a kind of aulos. The Romans try to imitate the arts and adds the element of vocal music. These new artists are known as histrionics meaning print in Etruscan dancers. None of this music style has come down to us except a small fragment of a comedy by Terence.
    When the Roman Empire was consolidated, it’s immigration that enriched the Roman culture. Were significant contributions from Syria, Egypt and Spain. Will appear as the old canvas styles citarodia (rhymes with summon) and citaristica (virtuous single quote). Were the usual contests and competitions in this discipline. Despite all this, that Rome is not clear institutional values and culture to the music.

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