• American Social Psychology

    April 2, 2014

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    As the French economist Jacques Attali and Marc Guillaume (1976: 171 et seq.) Pointed out in his day, marginal analysis of the consumption takes place only from the price system, the monetary value of the individual speaks as a consumer, that do not have money just can not buy that something that as a consumer catalogs, the need is pre-production and production process at any time determines never demand sovereign. a In the late seventies, the neoclassical utilitarianism begins to change his opinion about consumption, this developments are creating something called the mass consumer society that had to make due to the continued use of elements of technological benefits that were imposed and replacing objects smaller benefits when this happened was formed a typology that classified national societies according to their process of growth and cataloged as a mass consumer societies. Following this is a world widely appreciated for being (measured by the availability of material objects), this leads to the fact that their needs were covered, any citizen can have these benefits without making the wealth inequality in a social fee. The opportunity that society has the satisfaction of owning property in the sample as a prosperous and stuffed body that leads to lay their eyes on other more lofty objects and activities that the materialist high mass consumption. a In the evolution of consumer society are discussed concepts drawn from American social psychology, the belief that the fundamental basis of development has been the consumption increase family income.

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