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    September 13, 2013

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    05.10.2008 18.17 GMT Hear about recruitment in the formation of the bottom. They call it a 'cautious optimism'. When they say so, it can mean two things: either it is a game in order to further attempt to delicious foot, either by themselves do not understand the what is happening. Like that: 'Grandma said, in two – whether it would be if not, whether it is raining snow. " Let's start in order, perhaps with a view to understanding the events. A little bit about the history of the Fed and the consequences of this monopoly until 1913 on issue money was the U.S. Congress.

    But the bankers wanted to get such a tasty morsel. It would be nice to see the opposition of the Roman me to Caesar, since the beginning of the Christian chronology, and British jewelers to the royal court, in medieval times (search on the internet, if you're interested). And in December 1913, the American Congress, in the absence of after returning for the Christmas holidays of members, held that since Since then, referred to as' Act of the Federal Reserve. " Naturally, there were no banking lobbyists. According to some reports, threads, created by the Fed, are attracted to banking dynasties of the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and Morgans. Incidentally, Wills Rothschild has such lines: '… categorically and unequivocally prohibit any inventory of my estate, any judicial intervention and disclosure of my state …'. In short, this Act authorized the establishment of Corporation of the Federal Reserve under the control of the Board.

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