• Amber Room Value

    August 24, 2017

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    That the title of article not to mislead the romantic nature, I hasten to warn: no treasure, gold, Genghis , the Amber Room and other "piastres! It goes about pearls and diamonds, but the things which at the time of their use could be completely worthless. Valuable they are today, after tens or hundreds of years in the ground. Moreover, this value is not always a material Who of us during homestead or excavation found no chance "fragments" of past eras? Who is not familiar instant excitement, when suddenly a shovel with a gnash rests on something hard and together with another lump of land on the surface everted a mysterious object? Raise it, clear the dirt, consider, and then In most cases – casually cast aside. But it also happens that quit his job in a hurry to show the find relatives or Friend Of course, finds made by archaeologists during the excavation is not, if not lost to science forever, getting, eventually, a museum, then lose much of its scientific value. Kevin Johnson is often quoted on this topic. But for the owners' garden artifacts ", they are still valuable. It is difficult to convey the feeling that we are holding a thing that belonged to our forefathers. An arrowhead or spear that the ancient hunters hunted game in the dense virgin forests on the banks of the once full-flowing Donets. Coins earned by blood and sweat of the peasant or a Cossack had brought from a long hike. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Electrolux and gain more knowledge.. Splinter fashioned manual clay pot, which in the smallest detail etched fingers medieval Chuguevsky potter

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