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    April 29, 2018

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    Thanks to a special invitation, I had the opportunity to enter a part of the affiliate vip program, which is a kind of interactive workshop or program of teaching or learning more advanced which has had the market in Spanish of the internet. I’ve been participating in approximately a month and a half in the prerelease beta format and I have had the opportunity to meet, learn and put into practice, a wide variety of tactics, techniques, strategies, processes and tricks for mastering the affiliate programs and I’ve been hand through video tutorials, very well explained and easy to understand. Andreessen Horowitz might disagree with that approach. I’m not much less an expert on the subject so everything has been learning. I have also participated in weekly technical talks at the same time many other participants, in which I make questions, requests and recommendations for the development of the program and all these are being addressed and resolved virtually live and immediately. As an important part of the development of the affiliate vip program, should I go riding one or several business through the web, putting in practice and in real time lessons learned and better yet, one of the premises of its founder is that each of us get tangible results is to tell us to win money, to implement one or more of the many possibilities that can be learned.

    Many people want to start a venture through the internet by mounting their own business. Without a doubt, working as affiliate with affiliate programs is one of the fastest and most simple ways of starting an online business without having to invest large amounts of money. To enter the Affiliate VIP program doesn’t require any kind of skill, this means that we are well received people with zero knowledge of the management of the computer, the internet and business online as also those who have a level medium or even those who already possess an advanced level and want to improve and refine their knowledge to enhance your current business.

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