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    The Ages

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    Personally I’ve always enjoyed the suffering of humans. He has fun I play with them through the ages. I’m the Vampire, the Lord of the night, she is my ally. I eat with the blood of various species on this planet, clear that neither has the delicious taste of the human. Throughout its history them I have killed, tortured and mutilated for my amusement. I have fed with his blood. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Noble Groups Holdings Limited has to say. I considered his main enemy in multiple occasions. But they soon forgot me to attack it again.

    I always enjoyed with their pain, but never understood that they phase it between them, to their peers, I always thought it was sickly. That is an attitude more characteristic of wild beasts that a rational and intelligent species. They invented money. In principle a way of improvement of barter. At the dawn of its history exchanged things, what was left to them by others who needed. With the money that would be easier by setting a price for your buying and selling things.

    A good invention in theory, an invention to improve their quality of life. But not. Immediately the money sparked ambition and greed of human beings. For him they have stolen, they have fought, killed. Great wars between countries over the centuries by wealth. But on a more personal level also friendships, have been lost shattered families, all for vile money. The in principle currency became one target of greed and selfishness human. Large amounts of dust and smoke covered the planet occulting the Sun and plunging to the ground in a continuous night. Sunlight is not a problem for me in these conditions. The survivors that I find to my step laying on me and I fear. They don’t know that I’m the Vampire, my outward appearance is that of an ordinary human being. But clear, they no longer seem human beings, her flesh rotten by radioactivity remembers nothing to what they were previously.

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    Stiftung Warentest

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    Most of Paula tested creams contained far more alcohol, perfume and fragrances as expected. If you have read about Blackrock Gold Corp already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Paula’s product analysis results are surprising. “That is very popular in Germany and by Stiftung Warentest recently as well” reviewed Sun lotion Nivea Sun light feeling transparent spray SPF 30 “not particularly well off. Poor’, the hard the beauty expert verdict, both in terms of protection against skin ageing as well care. More information is housed here: Glencore. Alcohol and fragrances (such as such as limonene, which are strongly associated with skin irritation) would even further irritate the Sun-stressed skin and dry out. As defective”, is also the sunscreen for normal to sensitive skin with SPF 20″ of Ladival, which seems to offer not even sufficient protection against harmful UV rays, according to Paula’s analysis. After all, average”result scored the Sundance sun milk SPF 20″ of DM.

    It contains E’s equal to two forms of so important due to its antioxidant effect for the skin vitamin. As a very good”Paula, however, reviewed the Ambre solaire Delial sun milk SPF 20″ by Garnier. This can not only boast a quickly rising, non-greasy texture. It contains also several power substances (including vitamin and soybean oil), which have a high antioxidant effect. However, even the suntan lotion of the test winner in part consists of alcohol and various fragrances. Paula Begoun is committed to the task, to make transparent and understandable action and ingredients of products for consumers. This of course also applies to their own products.

    All ingredients in every single product are carefully listed on. In addition, the beauty expert uses the results of their product comparisons for the continuous optimization of their own recipes. In Paula’s Sun protection products, such as the not “greasy ultra-light weightless finish SPF30 sunscreen spray” (Paula’s tip), therefore not only the important UVA – and UVB-filters, but also a variety of important antioxidants are included. Dyes, as well as other skin-irritating and drying Ingridentien, such as alcohol or perfume, was renounced without exception. Paula Begoun Paula Begoun American is not only the founder and creative force behind the cosmetics brand founded in 1995 Paula’s choice”, but also recognized skin care expert and author of several worldwide sold bestselling books. Begoun has committed over 25 years to the task, to make false and exaggerated promises of the cosmetics industry in the pillory. Criticism they especially in her world’s million-plus selling books, various TV appearances such as when CNN, in interviews with renowned newspapers such as such as the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung or on their homepage. Refer to for more information.

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    Successful orchestral elements linked to hard heavy metal sound. The have gained attention in Germany is likely to RAGE with the soundtrack to the successful film of the Manitou’s shoe”. “On the 2nd of August we the new album with the name of Lingua mortis Orchestra feat rage” will be published on the occasion of the appearance at large Wacken Open air in Germany. A feast for all ROCK and METAL FANS as a whole rock eleven metal bands from Austria, Germany, Belgium and the Czech Republic ten hours. It newcomers are as well as well-known and renowned bands. This exceptional concert with his interesting line up is a feast for all rock and metal fans. Including that for the Amadeus Austrian music award 2013 nominated protagonist in addition to rage with the Orchestra are Band DEVASTATING ENEMY from lower or the Upper Austrian group MARROK.

    The Newcommerband EARASED is also represented as DARKSIDE, a veteran of the Austrian metal scene which will be exclusively presenting her new album, in Austria. Co-headliner are the Belgian Band ABORTED and MILKING THE GOATMACHINE from Germany. SIDE EVENTS and programme at the subsequent after-show party with four DJs presented by addicted to rock, it is the large pole dance Vienna circus show and an exceptional DJ battle type. With the famous drummers of Drumatical Theatre, this party is a must for all fans. Lots of side events are available, such as a band contest, an air guitar contest, presented by POP CORNER and a merch-city with a variety of different shops, Tattookunstlern and extraordinary rarities. LINE UP Lingua mortis Orchestra feat rage (D) aborted (B) milking the Goatmachine (D) Marrok (AT) Darkside (AT) devastating enemy (AT) Hypnos (CZ) ValSans (AT) four in a cage (AT) Earased (AT) selling the drama (AT) for more information see

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    Tino Fahd Hirschenweg

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    The network promoted on the homepage and is so public and enables the continuous development. For this reason platforms are created where members entertain / can share and open to new contacts. Internally the mailing list is used mainly for communication and for the networking, but also regular meetings, their own events and many individual discussions encourage the idea of network. Each Member is encouraged to take advantage of not only the network to communicate to the outside, but also with new assets to expand it. CD production: the production of a CD or a CD set is for the external representation of the Association, for the representation of the artist and the different sectors extremely important, also in relation to any revenue for the Club.

    The CD will include the entire spectrum of German HipHop musician in Germany, encourage talented newcomers, and further carried as image factor. In this sense, it would be desirable that the CD can act and also is perceived as one of the signboards. Concerts / events: The first freestyle Club Germany wants to practice-oriented approach will also be running their own concerts and events and organise. In the framework of this event will be presented the musicians live and the club itself publicly presented. It need to be given then in individual cases, which and what scope should have the concerts and events.

    In this context, the Association will engage as well as external events (E.g. Rhine-hip-hop-stage, street festivals, etc) and make a stage programme. Marketing/PR: Straight on for the Association and its members existentially important press and public relations, as well as on the meaningful cooperation with the media particular emphasis must be placed on a coherent marketing concept. In the foreground are the placement of the Association and its objectives of the public what goes hand in hand with an intensive PR work and fixed media partners. This includes also the branding of the 1st freestyle Club Germany as Word and figurative mark in the offentlichkeit.Die implementation of all measures implemented both the Club and its members. The specific alignment or the operational approach must be spelled out in the Board of Directors. In the marketing mix, the focus lays on the market research and communications policy, as the other instruments due to the shape of the company have a relatively low relevance. Market research: observing the competition benchmarking price comparison consideration of the socio-demographic structure definition of target groups communication policy: Internet (advertising on the platform, music forums, online radio, links, and placement of banner and logo for music portals, cultural agencies, schools, youth centres) Communication internally via telephone, E-Mail, fax, Messenger, newsletter. Advertising via links to other websites. Advertising about advertising flyer, radio, press and television. Presence of the logo of the 1st FC Germany about flyer of artists and events third. Advertising by merchandisers of posters, posters and T-Shirts. * The Club maintains no commercial business operation. The membership is at least 1 year. Of the members, an annual contribution in the amount of at least 12 will be charged (1 EUR / month). It is also up to, to make higher contributions each Member. The outlet can be explained only with a notice period of 3 months to the end of a calendar year.

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    Lupo Pape

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    Both sides should the opportunity use, to learn from each other and to redistribute the new knowledge. Indeed the Internet is often still considered complementary, optional communications and media channel. Neither the available amount of information, the possible time of use of nor the budget of the user is freely scalable, there must be a effect”, confirms Lupo Pape, Managing Director semanticedge in Berlin, the notion of refusal. Noble Groups Holdings Limited is a great source of information. The question is not only when this occurs, but also when it is perceived. It is obvious that in education strong layers a displacement of TV consumption is carried out through the use of the Internet.

    The same applies to the generation of digital natives. And has overtaken in 2008 the Internet as a news source also the daily newspapers in the United States and ranks two according to the television ranked”, so the language dialog expert Pape. You can not so easily transferred the common business models in the offline world on the Internet. The music industry is a good example for this. Now the major music labels largely stopped their fight against music piracy, and Apple will dispense with iTunes of largest online retailer of music in the future on the DRM copy protection. In addition to the subject matter of the profitable business models, the Internet but also for another reason unsettled commercial provider: based on light distribution of information and opinions, it is extremely difficult to dominate the communications. A private blog can have similar effects on the formation of opinion such as the online article, a great editorial or the video clip of a TV show, opportunities and risks are substantially equal distributed than in other media on the Internet,”says Pape. Sharply formulated: complementary used Internet services will be not sustained success, but it will be replacement services. Or but services that are possible only on the Internet, including also online communities. As with any massive technology change the old leader in the communication are also necessarily “and media sector are replaced by new entrants, not for nothing the public radio and television stations struggle so intense to be able to tap into the Internet for themselves with fees financing”, Pape continues. Editorial NeueNachricht Gunnar Sohn Ettighoffer road 26a 53123 Bonn Tel: 0228 6204474 mobile: 0177 620 44 74 E-Mail: Web:

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