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    The Pupil

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    If while educator, to abide I me to transmit a knowledge that not condiz with the reality and is not what it is needing yourself at the moment, do not have an education contemporary. To adjust the pertaining to school resume to the necessities of the pupil. Education contemporary still is in its first steps, it needs to offer something different knowing: what it is gone to make? Why? as? (Teacher 1) I believe that the education while contemporary would have to be a different, bold, creative education with new information, many studies, qualification, with prepared pupils being for the work market, to think, to reflect and to modify the society. (Teacher 2) In accordance with the teachers, education contemporary is that one that needs to be different, bold, that she is being carried through in accordance with the requirements of the effective society. To the step that a teacher tells that the necessary educator is antenado to the new features, to adjust the pertaining to school resume in accordance with the local peculiarities of learning, where if must question what to make? Why? as? second, she make a speeches that synonymous of education the contemporary she is that one in which the educator can instigate in educating the desire of change, to prepare it for the work market well, and, from the acquired knowledge if becomes possible to change the society where is inserted. Considering the vision of the related educators searched on the preparation lack, on the part of the educator, concernente to the new technologies of the globalizado world, she asked herself why defends an education of quality with innovative conceptions and brought up to date thoughts if what she sees yourself it is a traditional education? Considering the local reality, the people who are directing the process currently are of one another conception of education, society, man of method and this conception is the traditional one.

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    Quarterly Brazilian

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    Thus being, the professor it would leave of what it is known by its pupils, of what awakes the interest, for, step by step, to take care of, to breach, to question and to extend its horizontes. Still it is pertinent to evidence that to leave of the interest of the pupil already it is a great incentive to the reading and later, through the dialogue, all the process if it would give of natural form. To read would be delight and the knowledge construction would be a consequence, the obligation would not have more, and useful and the candy would be linked. Bibliographical references AGUIAR, Vera Teixeira of. The competent reader to the light of the theory of literature. Magazine Brazilian Time. N 124. Rio De Janeiro: Quarterly Brazilian time, ed, 1996.

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    Coffee Break

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    Coffee break is not an event in itself but the complement of another one, for example: a breakfast, meeting of work, product presentation, et cetera. Is denominated coffee break to the pause that is realised during a meeting, generally usually lasts about 30 or 45 minutes (in other occasions the less) in which people leaves the enclosure where it is reunited and one is taken slows down soon to follow with the activity. As the time break is short during coffee, which is going away to offer so much of drink as of food, are things that turn out practices to drink and to eat, nothing that does crumbs nor that we must use both hands to cut (attention when selecting to catering). The majority of the times is car service, but always we must engage personnel so that it attends before, during and later. This pause during coffee break, does not have why to be unique, sometimes the meetings are extensive and so that people take a breathing and can continue working organize 2 either 3 short pauses the more. Usually they are realised in contiguous rooms and while people leave and she relaxes, the main room must be left lists and prepared for the next entrance. Within the enclosure of the work in each place we are going to place individual water bottles, anotadores and pens, all the necessary mechanisms (tube, projector, slates etc.) must be checked and controlled. Coffee break usually is a service very demanded for events like seminaries, meetings with clients, work parties, conventions, advanced training courses, congresses, talks, conferences, among others.

    Generally, the supplier of the service of coffee break takes to soothes everything what it is needed. When contracting the service of coffee break must consider the alternatives and the minimum number of services that allow each of them. It also considers if the service of coffee break includes: set of dishes, mantelera, implementation of kitchen, decoration in the tables, et cetera.

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