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    Magazine Advertising

    April 30, 2011 // Comments Off on Magazine Advertising

    If you advertise 1 or 2 times a year, its effectiveness is minimal. To show typical excess information and the effectiveness of your advertising in these special rooms is low. Much better if you give your advertising in the magazine every month. Time magazine exists, it has its own subscribers, and they necessarily see your ad and remember it. But here is the quality of this audience, you can check only their own money, ie, placing an advertisement in a printed publication more than once. What else besides printed advertising can use of young and ambitious future global brand? Once again I want to repeat: we must use all means of advertising. What is included in this concept? Sign, site, business cards, flyers, price lists, bags, tape your logos, posters, banners on the banners, pillars, congratulatory letters and postcards, souvenirs, advertising on cars owned by your firm.

    Some of these carriers may be worth your advertising is not very expensive and carry their function very long. For example, a pillar of your advertisement can be placed at the entrance to the office for free. Effect of it will be much higher than that of advertising in the magazine. Mobile stand, installed in the lobby business center, will direct potential customers directly to your office, and a nice booklet that captures your visitor with them, can work and a year later. It is unlikely that the same effect has, for example, magazine advertisement. Magazines no longer read, but interesting leaflets and booklets can and save "on demand". Do not be afraid to express themselves loudly, at least at the local, district level or in its business center.

    Order beautiful poster designer, design brochures and catalogs. Soon, a year or two or three you'll be well-known brand. Get used to attention, notice the impact the effectiveness of different advertising media on the potential consumers. Every day should work on strengthening your brand – even if it's just a new banner at the door of your own office. Start and win for those who simply sell the same product. Waiting for you in bright future of your brand – in the very near future.

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    The Creators

    April 20, 2011 // Comments Off on The Creators

    Most businesses are given with great difficulty and risk, but it's not necessarily about that shortly. All do not make big money and business only because they never did not make this choice. Maybe we are about it and reflect on some stage, but never seriously planning just such a life. Most businesses, as it was written (and as can be seen around), given with great difficulty. A lot of work a lot of nerves, a lot of problems The problem is that businesses do not teach. If you decide to create their own business, then what do you start? Where can you find out what business? There are universities where the prepared economists and executives, but never prepare people who can create a business. Managers are prepared, the creators – no. That's why most businesses turn out to be "severe." To make a successful business, do not need to be an economist or accountant need not have any degrees or special talent.

    All that is needed – a special way of thinking. It is not something inaccessible and difficult. Not at all. All do not think like entrepreneurs just because they never even thought. If you start this interested and engaged, soon everything falls into place and business ideas are beginning to see everywhere. They really are everywhere! And now, not to be unfounded, will give an example of how You can create your business without risking their capital and nerves. More ideas, plans and thoughts, you can find in the magazine, "I want your business", which provided this article for publication.

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